Cutting and sticking

Because time and space and inspiration hardly ever come all at the same time.

My fellow foody art friend at Falmouth uni has reminded me of the joy of collage!

See more of Julias awsome collage work on instagram  HERE

See more of Julias awsome collage work on instagram HERE

I have a new desk andmy most recent extra-curricular cooking spree for indigo herbs has shown me that chopping up and organising ingredients is not unlike chopping up stuff for collaging.

patchwork collage

RE-creating leafy patterns from printy left overs. fun quick and tasty. like a salad.

Natures' pharmacy

I just spent the last weeks of summer , stopping traffic in the industrial end of Glastonbury whilst painting this 15m mural .

inspired by, and with support from my job at Indigo Herbs, i attempted to design an effective repeat tile using images of some of my favourite superfoods and herbs to cheer up this bleak part of my town..

Once i'd decided to hide a message inside the mural, the repeat got left behind and i concentrated on my subliminal font.

A first for me to use such large lettering and a message within my work.

Super stoked to have found this space, and the time and support to paint big again as its been a while and ginko biloba is just the coolest damn leaf shape ever xx


Polyvine varnish rave review

I get asked ALL THE TIME what paints i use and it varies a lot from place to place whichever emulsions are available to colourmix. Although i am still very faithfull to many of the Dulux colours as a handful of them have become my "pallette" without realising.
 But Valspar have been very kind to me in the past and sell 250ml masonry paint colourmixed for £2.25! cant argue with that.

Another brand i cant argue with is Polyvine varnish. their waterbased emulsion varnish is available in many diy and trade stores and is so damn easy to apply with a clean roller over almost anything i paint. Here are some photos 7 years apart of an exterior south facing wall in Camden London where i have applied the ( interior!) varnish to only just beyond the painted skulls.

This is not an endorsement although sure as hell sounds like one! i was just genuinely impressed with this!


Shoreditch Platform

For a week in July i worked with 7 other painters in a freshly renovated building in the heart of Shoreditch East London. We were painting the designs of Israeli Artist Ivo Bisigano all over the walls ceilings and staircases whilst the polish builders were in. This building will open in September as Londons first pay-by-the-hour work/ofice/meeting space cafe/bar. With walls like a nightclub.!

I battled with my own ego in part of a team on such a hectic project and also battled with my own adrenal glands waking up way to early to catch morning swims in heated luxury lidos before these long days on hands and and knees. This week brought up a lot of memories of my old london life and even more sentiments about the years i spent sleepless living there , high and anxious 24/7 on the endless possibilites and expectations of each one of the 11 million resients of the city.

Happier than i've ever been to return to my home in the country having had the chance to paint big and fast on behalf of somebody else and fry my brain with the city buzz knowing it would come to an end.


Food art?

Some recipes of mine published online. i would show more pics but i'm afraid of turning into a food blogger

In/out. Together/seperate. Staying/going

 Brexit, 18 hr shifts,extreme mud, and no sleep all mixed in together made for a wonderful festival weekend for me this year. Have you ever noticed that times of struggle enhance unity?

of the 110 hrs onsite, 60 of them were spent working and i couldn't have been happier. Content in one small corner of a huge temporary city full of people who all struggled together to survive.. and have the time of their lives.

Painted a few signs too. but that's not why i was there.

i worked selling drinks out of this window with these guys and shared the love.

L I S T E N. S I L E N T

Space, lines, time alone. A proper holiday in the basque country to aid my creative recovery.

Art brain won't get started again after i fried it with screen-printing last month!

In 2006 i spent the longest, warmest, most reflective 6 months of my adult life walking/skating/swimming the streets of Bilbao whilst on a Eurasmus exchange programme at the UPV Leioa.

In that time i was drawing constantly, producing over 200 postcard sized drawings and sending many of them by post to my loved ones in various corners of the world. i collected these up, complete with correos( postal) stamps and grub and marks to tell tales of their journey.

Exhibiting this series of drawings at Bristol UWE in may 2006 did not go well as i had left my heart and brain on the beach in Algorta. i forfeited any completion of any degree course in exchange for as many spanish speaking summer days skateboarding in La kantera as possible. And i don't regret this one bit.

This year i went alone without my board or my camera and the lighest handluggage yet.. and sat and listened to old and new vocabulary in Castellano float over me, sat in the sun in silence, and drew shapes.

I felt the simplicity of line drawing was delicious after the print process id got so involved with in April.

framing and mounting

Faye Suzannah Vs Hidden Temple exhibition was a success! a great evening followed by a raucous birthday tapas meal was a great end to a manic week.

We went in blind hanging the show, unaware of how our work looked together and were pleasantly suprised to see that between us we had actually produced a very cohesive and varied body of work. Our graphic styles and similar imagery matched wonderfully. ! nice one mate!

 Although other areas of life had to take a back seat for a few weeks whilst i did some serious hours in the studio. I have never been happier than when i was printing away for days on end at my desk with a real end result in sight and rushing around like a loon with Sam buying picture hooks and finishing skateboards off 10 mins before the van arrived..

I had a chance to say this around the tapas table but i missed it. That i feel so so lucky to spend time with, and proud of everyone i know that is working HARD doing exactly what they love, running their own businesses and projects and following dreams, riding the freelance wave... It is not the easy road thats for sure. Working on what you love doing GIVES you energy rather than draining it. It is energy that spreads,  and is priceless.

Thanks everyone