framing and mounting

Faye Suzannah Vs Hidden Temple exhibition was a success! a great evening followed by a raucous birthday tapas meal was a great end to a manic week.

We went in blind hanging the show, unaware of how our work looked together and were pleasantly suprised to see that between us we had actually produced a very cohesive and varied body of work. Our graphic styles and similar imagery matched wonderfully. ! nice one mate!

 Although other areas of life had to take a back seat for a few weeks whilst i did some serious hours in the studio. I have never been happier than when i was printing away for days on end at my desk with a real end result in sight and rushing around like a loon with Sam buying picture hooks and finishing skateboards off 10 mins before the van arrived..

I had a chance to say this around the tapas table but i missed it. That i feel so so lucky to spend time with, and proud of everyone i know that is working HARD doing exactly what they love, running their own businesses and projects and following dreams, riding the freelance wave... It is not the easy road thats for sure. Working on what you love doing GIVES you energy rather than draining it. It is energy that spreads,  and is priceless.

Thanks everyone