Banana canopy

I always find it so hard to know what to write about mural painting! it is such an up and down process ( quite literally) that when i get to the reflecting part after i’ve finished a project i’m a bit lost for words.

I have had my eye on this wall for years and everything was perfect about this job…it fit into my complicated life schedule perfectly and the main research i had to do into painting banana leaves, i could do in my garden during naptime.

Eventually i’m realsing now that i will stop referring to all of the ways and reasons i used to do my art work pre-baby. because life is certainly not as simple as “ before” and “after” .

It still feels like it now.. that pre-parenthood i had more time, more energy, more inspiration, more space in my mind to procces stuff effectively, more space in my house to process stuff effectively ….. this means that everything i achieve these days feels AMAZING because for at least a year i was just drowing in nappies and couldn’t see a way out, nevermind locate my sketchbook.!

But those measurements of space time and money only applied up untill 2018. It’s not helpful to reffer to how things “used to be” as the chances are , that children or not, you’ll never live that same life again.

This wall has helped me see the way out of the dark place that was the first year of mumming. it was like the universe ( or kim von coels) sent it to me to say…..

“you’ve still got it”

Thanks to all involved