L I S T E N. S I L E N T

Space, lines, time alone. A proper holiday in the basque country to aid my creative recovery.

Art brain won't get started again after i fried it with screen-printing last month!

In 2006 i spent the longest, warmest, most reflective 6 months of my adult life walking/skating/swimming the streets of Bilbao whilst on a Eurasmus exchange programme at the UPV Leioa.

In that time i was drawing constantly, producing over 200 postcard sized drawings and sending many of them by post to my loved ones in various corners of the world. i collected these up, complete with correos( postal) stamps and grub and marks to tell tales of their journey.

Exhibiting this series of drawings at Bristol UWE in may 2006 did not go well as i had left my heart and brain on the beach in Algorta. i forfeited any completion of any degree course in exchange for as many spanish speaking summer days skateboarding in La kantera as possible. And i don't regret this one bit.

This year i went alone without my board or my camera and the lighest handluggage yet.. and sat and listened to old and new vocabulary in Castellano float over me, sat in the sun in silence, and drew shapes.

I felt the simplicity of line drawing was delicious after the print process id got so involved with in April.