Shoreditch Platform

For a week in July i worked with 7 other painters in a freshly renovated building in the heart of Shoreditch East London. We were painting the designs of Israeli Artist Ivo Bisigano all over the walls ceilings and staircases whilst the polish builders were in. This building will open in September as Londons first pay-by-the-hour work/ofice/meeting space cafe/bar. With walls like a nightclub.!

I battled with my own ego in part of a team on such a hectic project and also battled with my own adrenal glands waking up way to early to catch morning swims in heated luxury lidos before these long days on hands and and knees. This week brought up a lot of memories of my old london life and even more sentiments about the years i spent sleepless living there , high and anxious 24/7 on the endless possibilites and expectations of each one of the 11 million resients of the city.

Happier than i've ever been to return to my home in the country having had the chance to paint big and fast on behalf of somebody else and fry my brain with the city buzz knowing it would come to an end.