Amazing space

I have been invited to take part in Somerset Arts Week this year alongside some of my longstanding local creative role models. Over the coming summer months i will be doing little residency bursts out in the amazing space that is Dove Studios Butleigh and responding with a series of screenprints and an artists book. To all be exhibited as part of theSomerset Art Works festival from september 23- october 8 2017. With great honour i will be doing all this with support from, and in the company of Bron Bradshaw Diana Milstein.

Dove studios isn't simply a beautiful rural space that has housed and supported creatives over many decades, it is no more than half a mile from where i was born and raised!

Studying and responding to this familar land has already been a glorious experience and i can't wait to see what works comes out of it.

During the late easter week this year, me and Mango dog did our first residency stint in the meadow at the Dove, staying the the funny little door-house and i got a very prolific in my sketchbook gatheringinformation about all the plants that were literally waking up from winter slumber before my very eyes!

Since then i have been getting printy, getting my squeegee around personal representations of the wonders of the various nature spaces at the dove, its all still very much in progress so watch this space.. this Amazing Space.